Prayers for Strength – Miracle Prayer – Healing Scriptures

Prayers for Strength

Whenever a person raises his hands for prayer, he is actually awakening his inner strength.

Prayer gives him the confidence to face difficulties.

If you ask for flowers, then flowers will blossom,
And if you sow thorns then you will suffer.

Miracle Prayer
Prayers for Strength

I am a prayer… Prayer .. Prayer … Whoever made me stay in my mind, made me a companion of my journey, I became her shadow.

I fed all the flowers in his life. My loved ones put me on my neck like a garland. Like a saint.

Ever since man recognized the power of the Five Elements, I was born. Hands up for protection from nature’s wrath.

When fire, wind, water wreaked havoc, the faith of man increased that there is definitely some power, which controls everything. All are subject to that.

I do not know where that power is, how it is. He is formless or real. But I definitely know that whoever once folded his hands in front of the Lord, asked God well, the winds of change started flowing in his life.

Science too has accepted my power. It has been proved in experiments that new positive energy is transmitted through prayer.

Tell me, how do I use human beings in bad circumstances?

In fact, whenever someone raises his hand or joins for prayer or offers his head, meditating in front of a temple, mosque, gurudwara, church or deity, he wishes to relieve himself from suffering in away. Prepares to deal with the situation.

Because of me, faith starts building in him. He feels that now his life will be changed. His good times will begin. Thinking like this, he realizes a new spiritual power within him.

This positive feeling gives him new power to fight against time and situation and he starts to fight the situation deteriorated with restraint and patience. Freshly jump into the struggle of life.

I cannot say whether the prayer gets any help from the invisible power or not, but the change that comes in it prepares him for the war of life.

Prayers for Strength – Miracle Prayer – Healing Scriptures

If the kayak gets caught in the vortex of the storm, the only recourse is the sailor. In fact, your life is only a kayak (boat) in the whirlpool of the situation, in which I am a sailor.

If you are encouraged, you can overcome the waves. Get out of the vortex, but if we do not have courage, then it is sure to sink. I give courage and keep you from drowning.

Some go to see Hanuman on Tuesday, some pay obeisance in the mosque on Thursday, some find peace in the church on Sunday.

Of course, my methods are different in every religion, but my philosophy is just one – wish well.

Prayer is not only for ourselves but also for others. Prayer is universal. Is for the whole creation.

How many prayer meetings took place in our country and the world for Japan’s tsunami.

Along with giving help, they also took recourse to me. The truth is that humans also have their limits.

There are many people, who may not be able to help anyone in bad circumstances but can come to my shelter and wish for them well. In every test of life, I live with my loved ones.

Prayers for Strength
Prayers for Strength

Followers of Lord Jesus also have great faith in my healing meetings. From the stage in the Healing Assembly, Father prays for the Lord’s worship.

People unable to walk in such meetings claim to be able to walk. In moments, this miracle that happens by prayer not only increases people’s faith in me but also makes them overwhelmed. People return home after healing and praise my importance.

Prayers for Strength – Miracle Prayer – Healing Scriptures

There are so many people in the world today who are treated as angels. In fact, the prayers of those who have devoted their entire lives to the service of humanity and to the Lord, are certainly acceptable. Whatever they want, seek my help also.

For me to help, it is necessary for a person to be honest. His intentions and intentions should be clear.

If a person raises his hands for someone’s evil, then where will that prayer be? She will become badass.

I do not accept heresy, selfishness and evil seekers of others.

It is said that when nothing happens, it is just prayer. How often a person is surrounded in a situation where even help does not work. Then only I come to work.

When even the biggest doctor loses by treating someone, he also says that now with the medicine, there is a need for prayer.

Islam states that as long as the breath is in progress, a person can pray for forgiveness of his sins, but after leaving the world one can neither pray nor apologize for his sins. Only other people can pray for the peace of his soul.

Even though different methods of prayer have been told in different religions, the essence of all is that Lord, now you will give me the power to deal with the situation.

All I say is, just think well, do well and move on. Do not be disappointed with the situation. Do not think bad of anyone, just be positive.

Prayers for Strength – Miracle Prayer – Healing Scriptures

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